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"Exploring the Timeless Beauty and Craftsmanship of Stained Glass Art"

Pets, stained glass
Eternal Pets

Let's explore why art brings joy and how it enriches our lives:

1. Art and Happiness:

  • Psychology Today highlights the connection between artistic creativity and happiness. While some assume that art arises from emotional pain, research suggests otherwise.

  • The creative process itself brings joy to most people. It allows us to solve daily problems more effectively and enhances our well-being.

  • Viewing art also triggers positive sensations. Semir Zeki's research shows that art consumption increases dopamine levels and activates the brain's frontal cortex, akin to feelings experienced during romantic love.

2. Flow and Creativity:

  • The concept of "flow"—complete concentration and absorption—applies to art-making. It resembles mindfulness practices like meditation and yoga.

  • Flow allows us to find joy in creativity, invention, and exploration. It's an evolutionary mechanism for survival and innovation.

  • Creating useful yet aesthetic objects rejuvenates us and contributes to our overall health.

3. Personal Testimonials:

  • Art therapy clients consistently express joy during sessions. Even when expressing painful experiences, art-making remains a source of happiness for them.

  • In summary, art provides a unique avenue for joy, self-expression, and well-being. Whether through creating or appreciating art, it enriches our lives and connects us to deeper emotions and experiences. 🎨✨

Explore a class with me and learn the art of stained glass!

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Susan Pfeiffer

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Mrs 504
Mrs 504
Apr 10
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Beautiful work! Best decision to have you create a design for us!

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