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Happy April! It is always a pleasure to connect with you. Thank you for visiting my web-site!

It is always exciting when I am approached by a potential customer who is interested in having me create a stained glass piece for them. When I meet with them in the area where the artwork is to go I pay very close attention to the elements surrounding the proposed space. The surroundings reflect who and what the customer is and that is what I want to connect with and understand so that I can create the best design possible.

This featured project captured the surroundings of the lake where the customer lives, depicting the joy, stillness and peace of the area. Birds have a way of inspiring us to fly, to dream big, to move on and treasure each moment, don't they? Water is so calming and serene. Creating the design allowed us to celebrate the customer's joy as we sought to make each detail memorable and significant.

Friend, what area in your home could use new art, a new stamp of joy and love? Allow me to create something amazing that captures any scene that is of importance in detail through the beauty of stained glass.

I wish you all an amazing month!


Art that lasts forever

Susan Selva

#birds #glass #inspired #memories

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