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Welcome to Susansgcreations first blog! I would like to first thank my dear friend, mentor and life coach Marilyn Holzmann whose encouragement (and yes much pushing!) has made this happen! She has been the absolute catalyst in my connecting completely with my love of this craft that has been part of my life on and off for most of my life and realizing that it is an integral part of who and what I am....a stained glass artist. She is behind every part of this new web-site and she is teaching me how important blogging is to connecting with all who enter here. So! I am so happy you are here! I sincerely wish for what you see to create as much joy for you as well as it was for me to create! If there is anything I can do to create something special in stained glass for you I would be honored to serve you in this way!

I would like to go back in time in respect to the window I will talk about......This window is in St. Therese Catholic Church in Mooresville, NC The moment my then business partner,Cindy and I were approached to create this design was the moment I allowed myself to see through the window of my heart, where my faith dwells. Every piece of glass, every detail of color, allowed me to the the growth and expansion of my faith. For a woman as myself to accept work on such a large piece (and this was just one of several in this church) was extremely exciting and moved me in so many ways. It was not only the size of the window, but that it was located at an entryway where I wondered about all the people who would stand before it and express a prayer towards their miracles,hopes and dreams. I thought about how many times that window would allow them to see into their own connection with God and their own faith believing or hoping for miracles to occur in their own lives.

I encourage each of you that it is not the size of the problem or trial that really matters; it is the size of your faith, to trust that you will be victorious, that you will rise above it all.

I appreciate your visit! If you like what you see I would love for you to invite your friends to visit my web-site and perhaps create something personal for you and'or them.


Art that lasts forever

Susan Pfeiffer Selva

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